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Make sure you and your baby get the peaceful sleep both of you deserve.


Simplicity, beauty, functionality and safety are the essential advantages of the baby box. The idea of the baby box came a long way to Poland. Originally from Finland, the tradition started over 70 years ago. Initially, a box was given to less affluent families, but today it is a standard, as all expectant parents are given a baby box. Thanks to the box, which assures a comfortable, cozy and safe space for every baby to sleep in, Finland has achieved one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. The box also ensures good quality of sleep for both parents as they do not have to worry about their baby’s safety and sleep. Its functionality allows parents to do their daily household chores because their babies are always nearby. It’s easy to move the box around and it’s perfect for every trip – the box can be used as a baby travel cot. After several months, when your baby outgrows the box, it can be the perfect place to store your baby’s toys or other treasures in.


The idea of the baby box is to give every Finn the best possible start in life, in which there is no division between the colour pink or blue for the box. We also offer simple, safe boxes that have been uniquely designed for every baby.

Dimensions: 70 x 42 x 27 cm
Box made from eco-friendly materials

Design is grey with white stars

Personalised inscription- created by us or yourself


The content of a box: 


Foam mattress

with cotton cover, PZH and ECO5 certificate, mattress thickness 5cm

Waterproof mattress protector

Protects mattress from absorbing liquids and helps to keep it clean and dry. The protector has a soft cotton terry upper surface and a PVC coating. It can be washed in the washing machine set at 95 degrees.


Fitted sheet

Made from 100% cotton which keeps the mattress nice and clean.

Price 259 pln

Safety instructions of a box


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The baby is born equipped with unconditioned newborn reflexes that help it survive in the first days of life in new surroundings. With the passing of time, a newborn gains new capabilities, and its motor skills and perception reach a higher level. It is extremely important to care for the baby’s sense of security in the first phases of its development. This is an aspect that will significantly affect all further areas of its development.


In the womb the baby has a very small space to grow in which it finds excellent. When the baby is born, it needs to get to know its new, unknown surroundings. Putting a newborn in a baby’s cot does not make this easy, as a large space with no boundaries around the baby and its incapacity to focus its sight on an object doesn’t let it feel safe. The best solution is a baby box. It makes the baby’s space more friendly, comfortable and cozy. In addition, the box is mobile – thanks to which the baby can be closer to its parents anywhere they are.

The baby box was created to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) because there is no possibility of suffocation or of being weighed down by the parents when sleeping together in one bed. The baby box assures peaceful sleep for both the parents and their baby.

To all parents – please remember to always control the sleep of your newborn babies.


Strongly recommended

Paweł Znajdek

Physiotherapist, Neuro-Developmental Treatment Bobath therapist, Manual therapist



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